Top 5 Words for the New Year. As a PR consultant, I work with clients every day on what to say and how to say it. Here are a few words that I’d like to hear more of in the New Year.


Yes, we can do that.  Yes, we see things improving.  Yes, we can help.  The notion of intention setting and positive thinking goes along way in business and in life.  And if we can’t say yes, we can certainly find an alternative to no with words like “I know someone who can help”,  “Let me see what I can do”, or “Let’s look at this a different way.”

You’re right

Words I love to hear at work and at home!  This a must-have phrase for anyone in the service business and a great sentiment when our opinion has been altered or challenged by someone else’s insights.


These days, unique content is critical for communicating with your customers, employees, the media and others you may be trying to reach. Sharing your news and expertise is a good start, but delivering  fresh ideas and backing it up with reliable information is invaluable. In the New Year, challenge yourself to find new ways to develop and share creative content and keep the dialogue going with your target audiences.


A part, piece or portion.  A resource or security. Giving and receiving.  Trying re-framing your mindset and your messaging this year toward ways you can create opportunities for sharing that will undoubtedly result in increased teamwork, collaboration and communication.  As they say, the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.


This word conjures up a sense of respect and partnership.  The motto of “we’re in this together” and for the good of both parties.  Here’s to more mutually beneficial business relationships in 2013.