Press Launch for InBankshares — New Ownership Group Plans Major Expansion for Bank in Denver

InBankshares, Corp (“InBankshares”), a newly established bank holding company founded by a group of seasoned banking executives, announced today that it has raised approximately $70 million of common equity and completed the acquisition of Raton Capital Corporation, the bank holding company for New Mexico-based International Bank, for cash consideration of $46.3 million. The transaction was approved by shareholders and bank regulatory authorities. International Bank was founded in 1918 in Raton, New Mexico and currently operates seven branches throughout northern New Mexico and Colorado with approximately $320 million in total assets. Read more.

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Influencer Marketing as a Communication Tool

Influencer marketing has exploded as a high reach communication tool that helps companies and brands connect with their audiences via content from influential individuals.

A report from e-commerce company found that user-generated content delivers nearly four times more engagement than brand-produced advertising material.

So, how do you engage an influencer and why? Here are a few simple steps to begin the process:

  • Research influencer who are a “good fit” with your company or product based on their lifestyle, background, profession or personal interests
  • Use online tools, such as the once-populate Klout Score, to validate potential influencers’ followings or rankings, but use your own research as the basis for developing your influencer list
  • Follow any potential influencers on social media to get a feel for their content, followers and cadence
  • Connect with the influencers via DM or email to engage in an initial discussion about a partnership that is mutually beneficially
  • Engage a variety of influencers with diverse backgrounds, followers and stats
  • Discuss and establish a content plan and metrics
  • Re-post, re-purpose and leverage content from your influencers and engage in a two-way relationship in which you are sharing content about them with your audience that is unique and engaging

Influencer marketing works because influencers are relatable, authentic and provide a sense of credibility for their partners. Keeping these values at the forefront of any influencer program and making it a win-win situation for both the influencer and the company will help get you started in the right direction.

Poo Free Parks Acquired – 9News & Denver Business Journal Chronicle the Story

Poo Free Parks, a Denver-based company providing pet waste services and supplies to local communities, announces that it has changed ownership groups. The program was founded by Denver entrepreneur Bill Airy in 2009 and was acquired this week by Henry Huidekoper of Blue Sky Co, LLC. Poo Free Parks has grown from a pilot program serving one park system in the Denver Metro Area to serving over 25 municipalities in Colorado and California.

Founder Bill Airy was inspired to create Poo Free Parks from a personal experience. Walking his two Jack Russell terriers, Airy saw another pet owner walk away from his dog’s mess and found the nearby pet waste station without bags and full of pet waste and trash. He contacted the Denver Parks and Recreation department to offer a solution and a year later the pilot program was initiated. The program was estimated to save the City $100,000 per year.

Poo Free Parks currently serves more than 300 parks and has partnerships with 25 park systems and communities across five markets, including the City of Lakewood and the City of Westminster. The company provides pet waste services and/or supplies to the municipalities or communities and makes pick-up bags and dispensers available to residents using area parks, open spaces and trails. Poo Free Parks has collected more than five million pounds of pet waste in parks since it was established.

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