How Color Impacts Your Marketing

What does your company’s color palette say about your brand and is it sending the right message to customers?

According to the University of Loyola in Maryland, color increases brand recognition by a whopping 80 percent. Pick the right color for your business and you’ll maximize your revenue potential. A recent article shares a few secrets on the importance of color selection.

For example, in the West and particularly in the United States:

Blue is associated with strength, trustworthiness and loyalty. IBM, Lowe’s, American Express and Hewlett-Packard use blue logos and color schemes.

Orange is associated with fun, excitement, action, warmth and passion. Nickelodeon, Amazon, Fanta Soda and Firefox focus on orange.

Red stands for energy and power. It’s youthful and bold. Check out the red logos and color schemes of Coca-Cola, Virgin, Target and Netflix.

Green is the color of wealth, and many financial services firms, including Fidelity, H&R Block and TD Ameritrade, embrace it. It’s also the color of nature—think Animal Planet, Greenpeace and Whole Foods—and can represent natural strength. Think Starbucks, Tropicana and Monster Energy.

Yellow conveys happiness, optimism and friendliness while grabbing attention. Among the logos that use yellow are those of McDonald’s, Hertz, Nikon, Best Buy and IKEA.

Pink is stereotypically seen as romantic and feminine, representing love and warmth. Pink logos include PINK by Victoria’s Secret, Baskin Robbins and Barbie.

So, ask yourself again: Is your brand’s color selection sending the right message to customers?

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