Be THE Expert

September 13, 2011

There’s a lot going on in the news these days and with the countless media outlets in print, broadcast and online, its an ideal time to position yourself as an expert. Whether you’re in banking and finance, technology, telecom, real estate, consulting or the consumer products realm, you have valuable insight to share about the latest trends in your industry and its effects on business and/or consumers in the marketplace.

Your professional experience is a great start to building your resume as a media expert, but it’s imperative for any true expert to stay up-to-date on current news and the latest happenings in the industry. Monitor trends, devour relevant news and network with other industry veterans to ask tough questions and discuss the important issues. If you hone your expertise and position yourself correctly, your take on shifts, developments and the latest news will be sought after and savored.

While not everyone’s cut out for the live segment on the morning news, there are many ways to let your voice and expertise be heard. Try writing an article on a pressing topic or pitching your expertise to writers and bloggers who cover your industry. Write an op-ed piece, comment on relevant news articles or blog on your company’s website. Investigate speaking engagements as a panelist, moderator or even a featured speaker. All of the above are great way to develop your voice, share your expertise and at the same time promote your business or your brand.