Centennial Bank’s Jose Trujillo Weighs in on Mortgage Lending in Denver Business Journal Article

Jose Trujillo, vice president of mortgage lending for Centennial Bank, speaks with Heather Draper at the Denver Business Journal about the current mortgage market.  “There are a lot of positives to rates going up as well,” Trujillo says. “It means the economy is improving, and it spurs new homes and construction. We are definitely seeing a lot more construction lending happening now.” Read more.

Crisis Communications. Are you prepared to respond?

The success of any business rests on its reputation. If that reputation is challenged or tarnished, there are immediate steps that should be taken to control the situation and protect your brand from any permanent damage.

A detailed crisis communications plan will help ensure a company’s ability to clearly and effectively communicate with critical audiences during a crisis or difficult circumstance. Pieces to this plan may include:

– List of potential emergencies

– Plan of action

– Do’s and Don’ts

– Key team members, including spokesperson, roles and contact info (including cell phone numbers)

– Key audiences

– List of sample questions

– Key messages

– Bio(s) of key executives / business owner

– Company fact sheet

See the Denver Post article featuring Terry Drahota on the demand for skilled construction workers

Denver homebuilders report high demand for skilled workers

By Aldo Svaldi

The Denver Post

The demand for new homes in Colorado has left builders scrambling to find enough skilled workers, a scenario that seemed improbable a year or two ago.

For buyers, that could mean longer wait times for new homes and higher prices to cover the wage increases that skilled workers are now commanding….

Terry Drahota, owner of Fort Collins general contractor Drahota, said apartments now account for three-quarters of his work, up from half. Within a year, he expects they will represent 90 percent.

“We are fortunate to be building apartments,” he said. “That is the only thing going for us.”

The firm has expertise in wood framing, giving it an advantage over commercial contractors specializing in steel. It is working with large national subcontractors to better meet the tight deadlines it faces.

Even then, Drahota has needed to fill the gap, especially in framing.

“We have to figure out how to supplement their forces,” he said. “We have to bring in our own help.” Read more.


Make the Most of Business Anniversaries

Whether you’re marking the first year as a viable company or celebrating 10, 20, 30 or 40+ years in biz, its important to make the most of significant anniversaries.  Planning is critical so that these milestones don’t slip by and you’re prepared to promote them effectively.  Here are a few ideas on how to make a splash…

Mark it

Design a logo or mark to be used throughout the anniversary timeframe to commemorate and call attention to the big milestone.

Give Back

SLATERPAULL Architect’s used an brilliant event tie-in and service project with Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) to mark 40 years in business. They hosted a firm-wide day of service and partnership with DUG to build the first community garden at a Jeffco Public School under the program, which supports more than 100 community gardens in low-income urban neighborhoods and schools. The service activity provided the perfect platform to honor the firm’s anniversary and its passion for sustainability and environmental stewardship. Read more.

Promote it with Pride

Pizza Hut is ringing in 55 years in business with a spectacular summer promotion — offering a large, one-topping pizza for $5.55 through June 15th. The anniversary deal gives the pizza chain a chance to thank customers and increase sales.  Read more.

Showcase your history

Drahota and ESPN both celebrated a big anniversary with retrospectives. ESPN’s 30 in 30 series profiled amazing sports highlights over the past 30 years.  Drahota is in the midst of celebrating 40 years in business and is doing so by counting down 40 of the firm’s favorite projects over the past 40 years.  View ESPN’s 30 in 30.  View Drahota’s 40 in 40.