Denver Business Journal Features Tectonic

Denver tech startup Tectonic enjoys seismic growth.

By Greg Avery

“Creating a company with $15 million in annual revenue four months after it launched may sound impressive, but Blair Linville isn’t sitting back to take stock just yet.

His Denver-based software integration startup, called Tectonic, launched in October and bought a company called Sakonent in Chicago, then followed that in November by buying Denver-based Local Cloud9, a marketing software shop.

Tectonic completed its third acquisition, of Stryve Advisors in Houston, on Feb. 5. Tectonic now has 160 employees and offices in Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles. About 20 of those employees work in Denver, but that should change, Linville said.” Read more.

5 public speaking lessons from ‘House of Cards’

What can Frank Underwood, a high-powered congressman and notorious character on Netflix ‘House of Cards’, teach high-integrity business leaders about message delivery?

There are a number of presentation delivery lessons we can learn from Frank Underwood. Consider these (no spoilers, I promise):

1. Glance and grab like a pro

Underwood “glances and grabs” a phrase from the teleprompter (or notes) while maintaining eye contact with his TV audience, giving the impression that he is talking directly to you.

2. Use notes as a guide

Similar to his use of the teleprompter, he glances down to grab the next point from his notes with the goal of speaking to his audience and not at the script. Underwood knows what he wants to say and uses his notes only to keep the facts straight and guide his delivery.

3. Expressions tell all

The debate featuring three Democratic hopefuls in episode 37 not only is one of the best scenes of the season but also offers a valuable learning experience for speakers. Filled with sharp, well-timed dialogue, one candidate clearly loses ground for one reason: facial expressions.

4. Work a crowd

Underwood works the crowd, panning his body to be sure that he speaks to everyone in his audience, and stepping closer when someone asks a question. Notice his impeccable posture and his purposeful use of gestures.

5. Presence

Regal posture and the way he sits in the front of the chair, leaning slightly forward. He takes his time, uses a conversational tone and maintains his smile.

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Simplified Bedding Launches Kickstarter Campaign w/ Patented Retail Product

Boulder, CO-based Simplified Bedding officially launched its brand and patented product with a Kickstarter campaign today. The Kickstarter campaign will help the company fund larger manufacturing quantities and distribution to retailers. Backers will receive product samples and/or recognition for their support. The company brings a convenient bedding solution to the retail marketplace for children, teens and adults. Read more.

Merger News for Denver Firm Generates Great Results

The news of the merger between Denver-based SLATERPAULL Architects and Hord Coplan Macht of Baltimore, MD, produced stellar results with the local and national media, including articles and posts by The Denver Business Journal, Colorado Real Estate Journal, Baltimore Sun, AIA Colorado, Building Design + Construction Magazine, Healthcare Design Magazine and other outlets.

A coordinated PR campaign between the two firms along with strong, local media relationships aided in the successful news release.

Tips to Make Those Press Releases Stand Out

Here are a few questions to ask yourself or your communication team before issuing your next press release.

1. Is it newsworthy?

2. Does the headline tell a story?

3. Have we shared it across our social media channels?

4. Are there any opportunities to pitch the news as part of a larger news story or trend?

5. Did we track our results or hits and promote those?