What’s Your Story?

Successful public relations results hinge on several factors – one of which is the ability to tell and sell a good story. There’s a difference between PR and self-promotion and the media certainly isn’t buying the latter. For a news story to be relevant, it must be something the media truly believes will interest their viewers, readers or listeners. When companies have a newsworthy or compelling story to tell, they are sure to see the value of ongoing PR efforts.

So, when crafting your next press release or marketing move, think: What’s our story and who’s telling it?

Melanie Potock Featured in Boulder County Business Report

January 21, 2011

With 12 years experience as a feeding disorder therapist, Melanie Potock decided to increase her reach and create products to help parents turn meals into fun gatherings rather than stressful experiences.

Through My Munch Bug, Potock offers “Dancing in the Kitchen,” a CD of fun, original music with titles that range from a calypso beat: “Picnic Under the Jewelberry Tree” to “The Operetta: I Love Peas!”

“Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids: How to Teach Your Child About the Joy of Food!,” a 117-page guidebook, offers tips for parents and caregivers to get children to stretch their taste buds. Read more.