Brad Bayless of Dynamic Funding, Inc. Authors Article No. 2 for CoBiz Magazine

August 2, 2012

Use your capital wisely. And take the strain off your balance sheet.

“For those of us in commercial finance, our advice to business owners today is: invest in the necessary resources to grow your business without over-leveraging and keep cash readily available for your operational needs.”  Read more.


August 1, 2012

Fabulous article on ‘giving it your all’ in biz. Jeff Rundles writes, “I strive to give it my all – 100%, I strive to put 100% of my talents and my effort into each and every task, and I want to work for and with people who do the same.”  Read more.

Steve Ziegler of TriWorth on CBS4 Morning News

June 19, 2012

Steve Ziegler of TriWorth talks with CBS4 morning news about the job market in Denver. Which industries are hiring? Which positions are the most sought after? And what role does ‘culture’ play for job seekers and companies in today’s job market?  Watch the video.

SLATERPAULL Architects Gears up to Celebrate 40 years in biz!

June 19, 2012

SLATERPAULL Architects kicks off its countdown today — 40 days to 40 years in business! Keep tabs on their Facebook page and Blog to check out the “Then & Now” series with interesting tidbits on life in Denver over the past 40 years + their day of service with Denver Urban Gardens.

Steve Ziegler, co-founder of TriWorth, Authors 3rd Article for CoBiz Magazine

June 7, 2012



What’s your recruitment brand?
Define how job seekers experience your company.

If you’re like many companies these days, you may be in hiring mode and on the lookout for the top talent in your industry or at least thinking about growth opportunities on the horizon.Read more.

Marketing a Passionate Corporate Culture

May 24, 2012

Great article in Fast Company on the importance of your company’s employment brand. Marketing to your employees and potential employees is key to creating a passionate corporate culture and promoting your values to your clients and customers. Read the full article.

Brad Bayless Authors Article for CoBiz Magazine

April 19, 2012

Brad Bayless, VP of Dynamic Funding, Inc., authors article on financing options for business owners.

The article covers the importance of preserving working capital and leasing as an attractive alternative for financing technology, equipment or other resources to support growth, enhance employee productivity and improve operations. Read more.

Steve Ziegler on 9News

April 17, 2012

Steve Ziegler, co-founder of TriWorth, on 9News with Gregg Moss discussing the Denver job market and trend toward Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

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