Check out HomeSmart broker/owner Brad Smith on CBS4 re: ‘No Socks to Work’ Day!

View video of Brad Smith, broker/owner of  HomeSmart Realty Group this morning on CBS4 Denver talking about the ‘No Socks to Work’ campaign benefiting the homeless.

The campaign encourages people to donate a new pair of socks to the homeless today or through the month of December.  See a full list of drop-off locations at HomeSmart Realty Group or American Title Services offices throughout the Metro Area.

Communication ABC’s

September 27, 2012

Great article on some basic communication principles we might tend to forget or forgo, but shouldn’t!

1. Voice mail greeting

Smile when you record it. You don’t want to sound perky, just pleasant. Listen to the difference when you record the message while wearing a happy face—it might surprise you.

2. Email subject line

Never leave it blank. This rudely assumes that whatever you have to say is so important that the recipients will open it anyway. Think of the subject as a headline. Tease the main point there. A short, catchy, specific subject is sure to get a quicker response than the dreaded “following up” or “hi.”

3. Email message body

In a business-related email, leave out the emoticons, especially when the message is being sent to your superiors or more than one person.

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